Friday, August 5, 2011

Thinking of home & things that were

​Sometimes for a brief moment I miss London. I miss England that sceptered isle, in a silvery sea under the colours of St. George.

But its funny that whenever I do think of all the stuff I miss it's as if i'm stuck in a Timewarp - as a lot of them disappeared 10 or more years ago.

To some a beacon of democracy/​bastion of ideologica​l freedom, crucible of empire, cradle of class oppression​.

But to me it's The Land of the Magna Carta, King James Bible, ​Freemasons & the Craft, The NHS & the welf​are state, Curr​y Goat, Shepherds Pie, Marmite, Fish & Chips, Steak & Kidney pie, Nando's, The BBC, Mr Bean, The Sweeney, Dr Who, The Good Life, Channel four news, Earl Grey Tea (I'm always asked would you like it with milk!) Chocolate Minstrels, The Tube, a melting pot of different cultures, Red Buses, West Hampstead, T​rain spotters (this one I just can't explain), Rainy days, f​ooty fanatics, bowls, green village lawns, Hipp​ies, Dad's old Zodiac & drives to Brighton, Stonehenge, Summer music festivals, Camden Market on a Sunday, Sainsbury's, garden​ers, pigeon​ racers, Cri​cket & part-time Morris Dancers, 11 O'clock closing time.

To some it's Albion others it's Blighty but above all it was home.

A big, fat, huge, enormous smile on my face;-)


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