Friday, August 12, 2011

Nick Clegg: "Of course we need to learn lessons from the riots."

A friend sent me this post which really struck a note with me - 4 points that are although short are very  precise and which really capture a lot of what the problem is & some advise on resolution.

Here's my list to help Cleggy on his mission:

1. Pursue the looters in banking and financial institutions with the drive and determination that you apply to those tearing up our streets.
2. Encourage more ethnic diversity into the police force.
3. Understand the 'youthful stupidity' of some rioters in the same way that Boris and Dave set fire to toilets and mashed places up when they were young.
4. Redistribute wealth PROPERLY. Yes there were opportunists but we should always remember that Nothing from Nothing is still Nothing. It's is obscene to have ghettos in 2011.

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