Friday, February 26, 2010

Revised List of stops

From Europe to Africa overland.
This was supposed to go from Roma but In true Wayne fashion.....

So my itinerary is now below

Poitiers, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Naples/Pompeii, Venice, Ljublana, Budapest (Bratislava) Sofia, Athens, Istanbul (Bridge over Bosphorus), Damascus (Syria is still a ? Due to visa) Amman Jordan, Jerusalem Israel & Cairo Egypt & take a flight to Luxor for a 6 day cruise down the nile to Abu Simbel & then a flight to Ethiopia. - my estimate is to be gone 3months approx maybe longer with a few sidetrips. I have a Global railpass pass to get me to Istanbul thats the easy part;-). I have lost time & need to be in Egypt mid April (let's hope the force stays with me).

- Posted on the fly!

Paris to Zurich Alsace region

The train runs through Alsace & the Massif central so today I saw lots of great rolling plains of green fields & snow capped mountains rising dramatically in the distance I'm really looking forward to the journey to Italy through the Alps tomorrow - I was lucky as it was very sunny although it rained heavily in Zurich this afternoon - I even saw a rainbow which was a nice touch;-) it made me feel I have made the right decision in doing this journey by train.

My own knowledge of the area relates to the Alemanni who fought a Battle of Argentoratum against Rome in 357 (it was called Argentina by the Romans). They were defeated by Julian, later Emperor of Rome, and their king was taken prisoner. On 2 January 366 the Alemanni crossed the frozen Rhine in large numbers, to invade the Roman Empire. Early in the fifth century the Alemanni appear to have crossed the Rhine, conquered, and then settled what is today Alsace and a large part of Switzerland.

- Posted on the fly!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The first few days

I spent a few days with Mum in Poitiers getting everything ready with Mums help - it was great to see Mum although SNCF did make me quite glad I was leaving France due to well, awakwardness really - firstly, the attendant insisted there was mo such thing as a global pass for all of Europe & said she could only give me one for 2 countries - I knew this was wrong due to my research on the web and after having called the rail helpline for advice! Her Supervisor got involved and eventually got the pass I wanted - only for her to then write my name wrong & refuse to change it so now I'll have to just get on with it.


Bureaucracy Syrian style

Ok so there's a slight delay. The Syrian visa office Want more information. I'm only there for 2 weeks buy hey ho.

This means I have to stay in London longer usually I wouldn't complain @ this but as you can imagine I'm keen to get moving. I bought a rucksack yesterday & saw Alex where he outlined the best way to enjoy Egypt.

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