Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London's burning, London's burning, Fire, Fire.

Tonight the World watched as England burned.

Everybody asking "How could his happen?". 

Why so shocked when we've already seen riots, protests & demonstrations almost immediately after David Cameron came to power riots began due to cuts in education & services. 

Then it was announced Policing was to be cut & at the time none of the Mayors staff imagined how this would come back & bite them. Yes, the police were overwhelmed but perhaps there was also a sense of  "Stand back & let it happen when it's over we will tell them told you so!".

Now while all the politicians are on holiday - London's on fire for two consecutive nights & David Cameron only now decides to cancel his Italian holiday in Tuscany. We have to wait for Parliament to reconvene - your having a laugh! 

There will be opinions on this for months - a consultive committee (A huge budget assigned probably) it will come with some recommendations which will be watered down then thrown back forth and the Government will continue to ignore what it really is and just keep focussing on the wrong things.

Last night we witnessed that something in society has changed & it can never be the same, that's sad. I ask myself is it the fault of older generations, parents, etc?

These people seem to have no scruples at all.

England is under siege being ripped apart from within by its own disenchanted youth & the problem is that the real issues will be buried under the violence, burning looting that have taken place. Watching TV its all about the theft & looting they don't even mention the generation of dispossessed people who are angry at the growing divide between rich and poor, No job's, No education, No opportunities, a bleak future and a Governement that is out of touch. But, lets also not forget that this turmoil is good for the gangs to do their "business" as the Police once this has all died down will withdraw in order to avoid more clashes.

A friend of mine wrote this about it:

"We have created a society that only values money and acquisition and then people wonder why a generation who are dispossessed, who perceive themselves as being denied legitimate means to enjoy a slice of the consumerist cake, are mindlessly rioting and burning and looting... We need to remake the fundamental values of our society because the toxic events of tonight are the inevitable symptom of a system that is rotten and decayed".

For one moment I thought Yes, I think this statement is totally correct but then I turn my head see events unfolding last night as it spread like a virus, a virus of violence, burning & lawlessness, pensioners, defenceless people being attacked seeing people jumping from burning houses, watching buildings & local businesses set on fire. 

In the end we both agreed it's very difficult in marrying the two together & finding it acceptable - I'm just not  comfortable with it on any level.

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