Saturday, May 8, 2010

Akenhaten - El Amarna

The Driver & Guide for my tour to El Amarna they looked after me for 2 days - very cool people & we had a few good days together. Ahmed had not been to El Amarna before so he was quite excited which for me was really nice as I had someone who was excited as me seeing it for the 1st time.

I had to have an armed escort to go through the desert - quite exciting driving thru cities & villages with everybody thinking I was some big VIP;-)

The Approach to El Amarna

The view from the ferry as you approach Akenhatens city of Amarna which is naturally fortified by cliffs at its rear & river @ the front.

A view from the back of the city on top the cliffs towards the Nile.

Temple of Aten

Temple of the heretic pharoah

The rays of the mighty Aton shine strong for those who are the seekers of light.

I am inspired.

In the hope of elevating my spirit
I humbly bowed before an incredibly powerful source of healing, hope, inspiration and so much more.
& I humbly thank the universe for allowing me this opportunity to embrace & enjoy this fantastic place we occupy for a unique moment in time.

A big, fat, huge, enormous smile on my face;-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Sun disk of the Aten shining on Akenhaten & Nefertiti

All that is left of the Sun Temple to Aten

Pictures of Amarna

In the background you can see the cliff dips & theres a slight gap this is where the sun rose & would beam through on the Temple of Aten

A close up of one the pillars in the Temple....all thats left.

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

The 1st thing that strikes you about them is their huge, immense enormous size! it must have been a massive undertaking to build these things - I just cannot explain how big these things are. Then, on top of that you think when Julius Ceasar saw these they were already 2000 years old.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - It is the only wonder to survive into modern times.
The Ancient Egyptians covered the faces of pyramids with polished white limestone, containing great quantities of fossilized seashells.
Many of the facing stones have fallen or have been removed and used to build the mosques of Cairo.

The Pyramid was locked and the entrance was hidden. In the 9th Century the 7th Abbasid Caliph, Al-Mamun (Umayyad Dynasty). Got his men to 
enter by force at the 7th level of masonry. (The actual entrance is on the 19th course). Having dug or blasted their way through approximately over 30 metres of masonry they broke through.

The Step Pyramid

The Sphinx

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