Friday, August 12, 2011

Psychopaths, Opinions, a sense of Shame and Days of reckoning.

Living in many different countries means that you get to pick up some words that you need to use when buying stuff or eating in restaurants.

One of them is "Reckoning" Dutch people when paying the bill in a restaurant ask for "De Reckoning" which always struck me as funny as in English it is also used for bill payments but it can also be defined as retribution for one's actions (esp in the phrase day of reckoning).

Over the past few days I have watched shocked and outraged with horror at the scenes of burning, looting and violence on TV often shouting at the screen saying  "nO, No, NO"!. And now I see reports just coming in saying a 60 year old Man who was attacked by the mob has died. Why? because he tried to put out the fire.

Is this what we as English people have become that so many of us, our fellow citizens can do this - I read one article that the BBC had called it the UK riots but guess what The Welsh assembly & the Scottish parliament it seems also shared my condemnation of these events & said "No, WAY!". These are English riots, the shame is yours.

A leader in technology, a poineer in many fields, a major financial player. We define and set certain standards that are respected the world over, yet we can't inject decent moral fibre in to our very own society.  It's gone very very wrong.
How do you install standards in these people, morals or even just make them give a sh*t! How do you fix a cross section of society that doesn''t even know how to treat itself ?

My Mother and my Father both installed in my siblings and I a sense of pride to be English so the flag of St. George would raise a sense of  passion within our chest.

"Those are your colours" they told us.

Some time ago a Slovak friend upon first meeting me once said to me "Your not English!" I said "What!" he quickly replied "But You don't wear Football shirt".
These events in my mind will only serve to cement these opinions of the English in the eyes & minds of the rest of the World.

I'm absolutely certain that he would share my sense of shame at what has happened, to see the Youth of England rise up in terror and rip her apart limb by limb from within!
It can be said and I will be the first to admit that maybe it does sound a bit dramatic but then again, it also never ever crossed my mind that one day I would stand and be ashamed of my heritage and country.

At this point I see people trying to form an opinion on the insane, crazy past couple of days but, I don't think you can really assess it yet.
So, I think that although these rioters maybe facing their day of reckoning there will also be a day of reckoning for Mr Cameron & his ideology. I say ideology as I don't want to be political in the usual sense (left/right) as this is due to successive Govt's that have either ignored the problem or adopted policies that failed to address issues. In the words of a friend of mine  "You & I both know how things work and happen but these fools on all sides either dont care, dont know or want to stay ignorant".

I hear opinions that society in general is to blame but then even if that is true, I have always been led to believe that only a Psychopath doesn't have a sense of right or wrong and perhaps that was also part of it - I still can't believe what happened it was like watching mobs of Psychopathic lunatics that had escaped from the Asylum and all hell was suddenly let loose on the streets of London.  In retrospect I think I can safely say these days of reckoning have been brewing for years.

Maybe its still not over and will just calm for a while but, think about this what happens if it is found the Police did carry out some atrocious act whilst apprehending a criminal "Let's see what happens 28 days later eh?!" as they say.

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  1. Not sure if sociopathy was the main thing to blame the riots on. You may have heard of the Milgram experiment,, where the influence of authority figures was measured. The results are quite unnerving. Personally I think the results of this experiment show that many people will tend to want to conform. In relation to the riots I think that many people were just carried away with the pressure of their peers and so followed the "monkey see, monkey do" principle of Human nature.


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