Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keyboard Liberalists and Post Olympics blues.

I chose not to watch the whole Olympiad thing this time round, sitting outside of the UK I didn't quite get into the furore and the buzz that was generated and merely watched on, as an outsider much like the rest of the World did, seeing the United Kingdom searching for a new identity and it's residents hoping that this was some kind of new dawn.

I found it somehow weird how all of a sudden everybody was going crazy for the Olympics - I just couldn't get excited about it other than knowing that it was an opportunity to bury headlines and distract the Sheeple. 

For a few weeks let's forget that the Government is slashing jobs, cutting public services and reducing pensions because "Times are hard".

Just a week before there was the furore about Barclays and its manipulating the Inter bank lending rate then all of a sudden nothing, it's buried or the story of five policemen who have been convicted of stealing but not one of them will go to prison and the verdict of unnecessary force used by the Police in the death of Sean Rigg.

In my mind it shows just how fickle and dumbed down people really are, I was told stop being so negative about it - enjoy it, were all coming together I was told by the Keyboard Liberalists. It's all put on hold, onto the back burner so that they can be a part of it .

We've all seen the news mostly the BBC which is still the State broadcaster, don't forget spend more than half a bulletin getting all excited "another silver medal for Team GB", and then having a quick round up for world news with an insulting quick glance looking at carnage, war and death in the world's oldest cities. Which is just put down to the whole Arab thing and it' only interesting when the powers that be say so (Probably, some moves being played in the background whilst the focus is elsewhere....) and then next morning all of the Keyboard liberalist's get with their work colleagues or friends and boast about tickets to "the" volleyball, or ask if you watched "the" Sprint last night.

I just can't fathom the amount of money that is spent on these events such as the World Cup, Euros etc. it's quite despicable - Over 45 Million US Dollars alone were spent on the opening ceremony alone - how can that be justified when the UK government is telling everybody that there's just not enough money so we'll have to cut lots of public services and pensions - doesn't quite add up.

Team GB its the only one with an adjective in it's name and it's just another marketing brand ploy harping back to the days of Empire......Correct me if i'm wrong but I thought it was officially called The United Kingdom;-).

I can only think back to the days of Rome and other various dictators who use the ploy that Whenever the Serfs, Plebs, etc were getting a bit restless due to some policy such as high taxation, erosion of government subsidies or general dissatisfaction with the imperial policies) the emperor would try to distract them with a procession through the streets of Rome or hold some spectacular gladiatorial games but now we do it on a Global scale. This has been proven and seen many times throughout history.  
Only, this time all of GB and it's not the flag-waving Sheeple who get to stumble through the schedule of Corporate freebies and Sponsorships - Question? How can Mc D's be the official food of the Olympics!!!.

Post Olympic blues, I don't think so. At least all the liberalists can get back behind the safety of their keyboard and resume fixing the wrongs of the World.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Games

The Gold medal symbolises Father Sun, the Silver medal Sister Moon, and Bronze Mother Earth. "Bronze" or "Mother Earth" will always come in "third" because without Father Sun and Sister Moon life on Mother Earth cannot exist. 

Zeus decreed that man must present a portion of each animal he scarified to the gods, Prometheus decided to trick Zeus. He created two piles, one with the bones wrapped in juicy fat, the other with the good meat hidden in the hide. He then bade Zeus to pick. Zeus picked the bones. Since he had given his word, Zeus had to accept this pile as his share for future sacrafices. In his anger over the trick, he took fire away from man. However, Prometheus lit a torch from the sun and brought it back again to man.

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