Friday, March 23, 2012

Perhaps, It's a moment of clarity

I'm perfectly fine. No, I haven't lost it, I am merely high on the vibe that is life and the Universe.

Noor explained it this way:

The cosmos reflects on us from the stars, you are reflecting on yourself, you, me, and everything here that lives is created from starlight, it's the energy that feeds us.

That, Is the Force.

I have never had such vision of clarity that I have right now and I've realised yes, you can live life but, what matters is how you live that life.

My Eyes are wide, wide open almost like I've awakened.

Yes, I miss family and friends but, I'm loving South Africa and having a great time. Everyday, is a new adventure here.

So, Universal greetings of Love and Light to you all.


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