Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cape Town an African Miami.

This weekend I did a little reconnaissance in Cape Town (As you may noticed).

It's a place of wildly varying contrast and far too many to glimpse in a weekend (Yep, so I'll be back).

The beach life is a very prominent one lots of beautifully suntanned or shrivalled, healthy and rich another side is the ghetto Township dwellings where people struggle dailly to survive.
During a conversation with a Capetonian he explained that he had many memories of Apartheid like going to the beach especially Llandudno where you couldn't even step on the beach if you weren't white, separate toilets, shops and benches - yes, there are many pictures that take you back to childhood but they unfortunately don't have a frame as the were ugly times.

He had high expectations of the new South Africa - if you see a man walking along the street and you see a black, coloured or white man rather than a South African then you've already failed to understand the message.

Very noble expectations indeed.

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