Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are you certain?


Not a word we use everyday although it is perhaps one of the best words to describe our daily dance with life.

Life is actually, one huge gamble and we're constantly gambling......Isn't it funny how the major faiths stipulate gambling is a Sin but, we do it everyday of our life and in everything we do.
The prize is Life and the only difference is that we get to live with unceratinty another day and continue in our gambling;-) 

But on the other hand it is this uncertainty that breeds determination. It fills us with purpose. Uncertainty it is present in almost everything we do. We fool ourselves that we can minimise its impact but we can't really.
I am sure uncertainty is our main driver to achieve in life. The Uncertainty of not knowing how, when or where?

Of course when we mention uncertainty we will ultimately arrive at the thought of our own demise and what it will mean. We walk around everyday with uncertainty as our one constant close true companion. Yet without it life would be well, perhaps boring, think about it.

But imagine, even if we knew everything that was on our path life would still take some crazy curves because as our lives intertwined with others they too would make moves to change events on their favour so maybe that certainty would still bring a certain uncertainty (I'm stone cold sober, by the way).

Life would be played out like a game of Chess with strategy, moves and countermoves rather than taking the random directions it does now, except nothing is random......but that's another conversation.

So, nothing is certain, nothing is forever and nothing is definite well, maybe two things, The Universe and our old friend Time.

The Universe will last forever and that is definite. Ok, it may shrink or expand, planets will come and go as do comets and one day Father Sun will cease to provide us with light and warmth......but it will always exist in some form or another

And time although being a concept and something you can't hold, see or touch just because there's nobody there to measure it doesn't mean it's not there anymore, I'm uite sure it will always exist until the end of time. Ha ha ha is that possible?

But of course, none of what I've just said is certain.

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