Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Atlantic! Will bite your feet

The weather here is about 30c and the Sun is full on, here Father Sun is strong and you welcome the warm breeze as it jumps wildly through your hair so you can handle the heat beating down on you all day.

There is an urge to get to the beach and get cooler air but, The Cape has yet another surprise for you when you put your feet in the water!

O Ta Rarse - It's COOOOLD!

As you step in and the waves enshroud and roll across your feet suddenly, it snaps really cold and you jump back to get out and, as you look up you suddenly see the Surfer's and realise this can only be done in a wetsuit!!!

It's a strange phenomenon as I am told that if you go east toward Durban the Indian Ocean water is much Warmer as South Africa is surrounded by The Atlantic Ocean on the left and The Indian Ocean on the right with the Cape of Good Hope on the bottom looking out towards the South Pole.

But, it was lovely to walk barefoot in the sand and watch the Miracle of Father Sun and Sister Moon as they perform their Dance in the Sky from Solar to Lunar and the twinkling light Brother stars provide the backdrop like a blackboard.


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