Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Western wall

The WALL! I was about to have the honour of standing before the western wall where Solomons Temple once stood - For me this was an amazing moment

Unbelieveable all those times I discussed Solomons Temple.

According to the Tanakh, Solomon's Temple was built on top of the Temple Mount in the 10th century BCE Today's Western Wall formed part of the retaining perimeter wall of this platform. Solomons Temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire, along with the rest of Jerusalem, in 70 CE during the First Jewish-Roman War.

I had spent the morning thinking what I would write in my little note to stick in the wall in the end I thought peace on Earth "not gonna happen" in the end I chose love to flow in the world (my thinking was ok if there's love maybe peace will follow" into the crack of the Wall.

I read that more recently, the Israeli Telephone Company has established a fax service to the Western Wall where petitioners can send notes to be placed in the Wall.

My tour guide had this to say "Pope John Paul II placed a letter in the wall when he visited! Of course he sees himself as the high priest! Gods representative on Earth - He's a Christian, but a good Christian!!" (I didn't respond - I didn't think it appropriate to comment on this occasion as I thought it would be akin to heckling someone on stage).

Barack Obama placed a written prayer in the wall, which was later reportedly removed and published in the Maariv newspaper. By the way the Pope
did the peace on earth thing;-)

More than a million notes are placed each year. The notes are collected twice a year and buried on the Mount of Olives.

In Judaism, the Western Wall is venerated as the sole remnant of the Holy Temple. It has become a place of pilgrimage for Jews, as it is the closest permitted accessible site to the holiest spot in Judaism, namely the Even ha-shetiya or Foundation Stone, which lies on the Temple Mount. According to one rabbinic opinion, Jews may not set foot upon the Temple Mount and doing so is a sin. Almost all historians and archaeologists and most rabbinical authorities believe that the rocky outcrop in the Dome of the Rock is the Foundation stone.

Jewish sources teach that when Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered the destruction of the Temple, he ordered Pangar, Duke of Arabia, to destroy the Western Wall. Pangar however could not destroy the wall because of God's promise that the Wall will never be destroyed. When asked by Titus why he did not destroy it, Pangar replied that it would stand as a reminder of what Titus had conquered. He was then executed.

There is a tradition that states that when water starts trickling through the stones of the Wall, it is a signal of the advent of the Messiah.

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