Sunday, April 18, 2010

Israel - The Holy Land 1st impressions

Tel Aviv! I've arrived - only a few more days until I'm I'm Egypt!

I was stopped by security getting off the plane & had to go through the whole question thing again but felt a lot easier & wasn't the hassle I thought it would be at all.

But, it did take a while to clear immigration - they stamped my passport even though I asked for it not to be:-( & I hope this is not going to cause me any problems getting into Egypt (that's all I need!).

I made a really great start on my arrival as I was picked up @ the airport to be taken back to my hotel as we walked outside the Air raid siren went off...I hit the deck immediately & crouched with my backpack on behind a car & thought oh my god!!!! No we're under attack!!!! I waited for the explosions it did seem strange that my driver @ other people just stood there in silence after about a minute he started laughing & explained this is Israel day where we remember all the soldiers who have died during wars since 1948......someone could have told me I felt so stupid:-(( they must have thought I was crazy!!!!

Jerusalem tomorrow;-)

St George & the Reggae boys from Europe to Africa

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