Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abu Simbel the Temple

I had arrived in Aswan with the sole intention of seeing the Daddy of Colossal monuments Rameses II Temple in Abu Simble. I had stayed in Aswan a few days trying to get used to the heat before I went off hurdling thru the Desert.
After a 2 hour drive thru the desert spying nothing but sand & camels we arrived @ Abu Simbel
I had seen many photos of it before but they just didn't get the scale of monumental across!

It was built on Egypts southern border with motifs & pictures showing the victorious Battle of Kadesh with the Hittites (Syrians) so as to warn Rameses enemies if ur gonna trouble us you better be big & bad

Colossal doesn't describe it

This statue is huge I reach it's
knees & the detail is just awesome

Check the Birkenstocks!

The Pharoah Ramses II in his chariot.

There are 6 of these huge statues as you walk thru to the Inner sanctum to be faced by 4 seated statues -
Ramses II, Horus Ra, Isis & Hathor

The sun shines twice a year on the faces of the statues

Yours truly with a big fat huge enormous smile on my face

George & the Reggae boys
from Europe to Africa

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