Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Syrian border & Saddam's cousins

Ok so this posting is well late!
But in my defence for some reason most normally Internet services seem to be blocked in Turkey e.g. You Tube.
So I'm having to work out ways to get round it & of course it all takes time (only with the use of an iPhone - a computer screen seems like a luxury item).

Anyway where was I oh yeah Harran well the Syrian border to be more exact.

After getting a lift from an old Kurdish guy to the border I made my way to Turkish immigration control. I walked through the gate to the window whilst being suspiciously viewed by the Turkish border guards who then directed me to a huge long queue full of more unfriendly guys who all wore Saddam Hussein lookalike moustaches. Oh man! this was gonna be a long wait I had my rucksack on & the heat from the sun was getting hotter.

After about a 2 hour wait in the queue it was finally my turn. The guard took my passport and inspected it

What's your name - Kennedy

Oh like president (this is good I thought - bit of humour) - yes

Oh Mister you got problem with passport! Wait here (this is not what I wanted to hear!!!) The guard walked away with my passport I was stressing big time I had all these images of ending up in a cell with a couple of these Saddam lookalikes & I really didn't need that. A few moments later he came back & said your passport picture is ripped so I had to make checks it's ok you can go. Ahhhh man RELIEF!!!!!

But what now!!!
s#%^, s#%^, s#%^, s#%^, s#%^,

I'm just about to go across the border into Syria & now this.
I tried to think when it could have happened maybe as I had in my backpocket when I fell over coming down the hillside in Harran (yeah it was a bad one!!?flat on my face with my huge rucksack landing on top of me & providing momentum as I tumbled like a huge boulder down the side of the hill when I finally stopped & got up I saw Abrahim (my guide) trying not too laugh! I couldn't blame him. Ouch my knee) anyway I digress back to the queue with the Saddam lookalikes.

Looking up at the sky talking to the Universe i said out loud - I'm not going back without at least trying it.

To be continued.

St George & the Reggae boys from Europe to Africa

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