Sunday, April 18, 2010

Istanbul - the Exit story

So I finally got my passport from the British Consul. Finalised my details for the Tour of Israel.

I'm there for 4 days as I need to be in Aswan Lower Egypt for the 25/26th for the cruise;-).

The tour operator is still waiting for the details as I'm leaving for the airport. I'm not keen to wait longer than I have to I'm desperate to get out before any other unforeseen event can happen (there's a Volcano cloud that's stopped all flights in Northern Europe!).

I get through airport security no hassles go to the check in desk there's an Air the flight is for Tel Aviv. So it goes like this:

Hello sir ur travelling to Tel Aviv?

Yes - can I see your documents?(right here we go)

This a new passport sir no visas

Yes, well Its new as my old one was damaged & I had to get a replacement

Ah I see - ok can I see the old one - sure said I.

I give him the passport - so you've overstayed your visa

I had no choice I had to wait for a replacement

Ah ok I see u came by train & why are you visiting Israel?


Where are you going next?

Egypt do u have your tour details well there being sent by email now - can I look?

Ohhhh just great!!! The email wont open It says "invalid format"
(I hate this iPhone!!!!! So much right now).

Ok, where do you live?

I was living in Belgium but now I'm travelling

Ah why were you there (ah man this is getting tricky! I'm not gonna lie but this us getting deeper)

Contract work

Can I see your residents permit for Belgian

I don't need one as I wasn't there all the time & it's EU.

Oh where else were you?


Right let me get this sir

You had to get a new passport as this one is damaged & in the old 1 is your visa for Turkey - which is out of date!
You used to live in Belgium but, Your English (Im thinking yes both my passports say that)
Your going to Israel & then Egypt - all on holiday but u can't get or show me your tour details.
You came here by train (I'm thinking look I know it's a bit strange but it's true! I dont need a recap ive been sitting waiting for 3 weeks!!!).
Normally I don't do stress - but today maybe an exception I'm not even in on the plane yet!).

Ok sir wait here (oh no man, here we go - Wayne chill, it's cool man......I bet he's confused!) I wait for what seems forever with other people going past me & then he returns "have a good flight sir"........ahhh I can breeeeatheeee;-)

So let's wait & see how the Israelis handle this one........

St George & the Reggae boys from Europe to Africa

Location:Atatürk Havaalanı Yolcu Girişi,Yeşilköy,Turkey

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