Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technology on the go

I decided not too take my Mac computer so as to keep down on the amount of stuff I have to carry & instead decided to use my iPhone.

Electronic book:

I am using Kindle electronic book from Amazon which means I have a whole library with me but no added weight! It has the capacity to hold 1,500 books. This means for instance I can actually use it to read the hieroglyphics in Egypt on the spot (I hope it will be that easy).

iPhone Applications:

iRail - this is an invaluable tool for planning my journeys on the train. Basically I type in starting point & destination it shows me the timetables for all trains, it will even give me a map of the route ( of course it not perfect but with a little tweaking I can find the best routes to suit my Itinerary).

VoilĂ  - tracking tool which allows me to show my current location so that friends & family can be kept abreast of where I am.

Google Maps for the iPhone - when I'm lost! Or the route from point A to B & the nearest facilities to my location (bancomat, restaurant etc).

Wikipanion - I thought this would be cool to have but have in actual fact along Wikitravel I have found it very useful for providing me pointers on the sites/museums & general places that I've Been visiting.

Trip journal - this app allows me to use tracking of my jourmey with a map view.

Tripdeck - I'm using this as a visual tool with pins on a map to show people an outline of my trip. It has a much wider range of use for planning flights etc I'm sure that @ some point my scope of use will increase.


I'm booking about 2/3 days ahead of my location arrival using www.hotels.com which so far has been coming up trumps with the quality of rooms at really low rates.

Photos tools to be updated.

St George & the Reggae boys from Europe to Africa

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