Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The fallen Heroes of Gallipoli

This wasn't really part of my tour but I was going through the Dardanelles & I thought it was obligatory that I paid my respect to the fallen few......thing is with these battles of WWI & II it's not so few over 9 months the total of 500,000 men combined died!! They were taken from various parts if the British Empire, French Colonies & Turks. In the end the Allies withdrew & the Turks were victorious.

Now it's a beautiful, peaceful place very idyllic with beautiful beaches & maybe I'm wrong but I saw lots of people having photos taken with smiles on their faces which made me think they didn't really realise due to it's idyllic setting the full extent of what happened here.....Hell I was told the sea ran red with blood of Men.

For this reason I only took a photo of the memorial.


But I was glad I stood in front of the Tombs bowed my head & remembered them even if only briefly.

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