Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes we take it for granted

We run around at a frantic and sometimes crazy pace, some called it the stress of life (although, I don’t do stress). I often forget about life and what it’s really all about.

Running around to make appointments, meet deadlines, chasing money. In the scheme of things it’s just bullsh*t. Often we just forget the Universe (I know I do) and it’s constant presence in every moment and the miracle it provides called LIFE.

It’s not always easy to understand the Universe and the role we play in the grand scheme of things. I am just starting to be aware of the Universe and the Light it brings into our lives and that this energy, this Force governs the entire world.

Because everything just seems to happen we take it for granted - but perhaps it’s better explained through “Mother nature.”

We see Father Sun rise in the morning and set in the evening, Mother Earth spins on her axis, Sister Moon lights the night, we see the tides come and go, Brother stars guide the way in the night sky. And, we forget it’s all part of a system that seems to just work constantly and on its own. 

Yes, I think in some instances we just tend to take it for granted.

And sometimes just occasionally we get a reminder and The Universe performs small miracles (Yep, he’s lost it – I hear you say).

Well, Yesterday, I had one of those reminders.
I visited an open reserve for Lions and other wild animals here in South Africa. I had the opportunity to sit with a Lion cub and look into its eyes and interact with it, no fence, no security just the cub and I. The cub even allowed me to stroke him and we just sat next to each other for about five minutes (Yes, of course I was apprehensive and scared).
But, I don’t know what it was all about, I just know that something about me put this cub at ease, yes, maybe if I come back in a year or so he would just maul and bite me and that’s why I see it as a small miracle on a number of levels. 

How lucky am I - Not too many people get this opportunity.

The cycle of LIFE itself is a miracle. Nature is simply constant miracles in action. 

Definitely, one of those days where all I can think is “Thank you”;-).

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