Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Our Year of Love and Light. A year of Change, a time of Hope.

Hold on, easy for a moment. Just Chill. For a moment. Reflect on all that has happened in 2011. In your life personally and in the World at large

Before these these times pass by and slip into the past let's do something that nobody does anymore.

Look up at the sky;-)

And just call out some of these words below, thinking about their meaning.

Hope, Openness, Love and Light, Knowledge, The Universe, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Change, Global consciousness, Cuddles and Hugs, The awakening of Humanity, Peace, Compassion, The Supreme Being, Fidelity, Utopia, Forgiveness, Esoteric mystery, Mercy, Warmth and Unity.

These are my Thoughts, Ideals, Visions, Hopes and Aspirations as we gather pace and run toward Christmas and crossover through to the year that is 2012.

A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year full of Love and Light from Big Daddy Wayne X;-).

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