Saturday, January 7, 2012


Someone asked me the other day "Why is it that people tend to choose the path of least resistance in life, the easiest option".

Well, There's no easy answer - People are a funny lot or as I've heard said before "Nothing as queer as Folk".

In short though I think we all look for the easy, comfortable situations. But staying comfortable doesn’t generate lasting light. In order to really enjoy life we've goto learn to escape our comfort zones and dive headfirst into uncomfortable situations.

Ouch! I hear you say and yes, I will admit that yes, the path of most resistance, you know the one that's normally the most stress or grief (You know I don't do stress) can cause some serious pain only for a moment though, but I'll tell you this and, nope it wont cost you a thing;-)

I've come to realise having taken a few leaps in my time (Oh yeah!) and I recall sitting in a place called Harran in Kurdistan at the Mesopotamian Temple of the Moon God Sin just looking out across the plains across the Ancient Silk trade route capturing a glimpse of a rainbow where I thought that it’s the only way to generate long-term fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction that can come with a certain sense of achievement.

As difficult though it may seem, the people who seem really happy tend to embrace rather than avoid problems and obstacles. So perhaps instead they are true opportunities and the quickest path to transformation, growth, and the ultimate in happiness........

Ya know what I mean, Innit;-)

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