Friday, February 26, 2010

Revised List of stops

From Europe to Africa overland.
This was supposed to go from Roma but In true Wayne fashion.....

So my itinerary is now below

Poitiers, Paris, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Naples/Pompeii, Venice, Ljublana, Budapest (Bratislava) Sofia, Athens, Istanbul (Bridge over Bosphorus), Damascus (Syria is still a ? Due to visa) Amman Jordan, Jerusalem Israel & Cairo Egypt & take a flight to Luxor for a 6 day cruise down the nile to Abu Simbel & then a flight to Ethiopia. - my estimate is to be gone 3months approx maybe longer with a few sidetrips. I have a Global railpass pass to get me to Istanbul thats the easy part;-). I have lost time & need to be in Egypt mid April (let's hope the force stays with me).

- Posted on the fly!

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