Monday, June 18, 2012

My mortgage, my Summer holiday, Christmas

I look out on the World and I see dark times. Violence & terror, unbridled corruption, unspeakable evils perpetrated in the name of good, the black gold flows, the Global economy falters, men hold aloft the so called word of God and then strike down their fellow humans.

Countless Millions spent on so called prestigious events and Govt’s turn a blind eye whilst the populace struggles just to make ends meet and. The dark hearts of Humankind saddens me deeper - I see the pics on TV of the happy shoppers with their credit cards at the ready and their shouts of Buy, Credit, Spend!.

And, yes we all watch with deep interest and fear at the events on TV, in the news on the web watch as children go hungry whilst war, pestilence and disease reign all around us and Its all going to change due to a global shift of consciousness.

It’s just B*llsh*t I say.....There wil be no shift or change as the only question being asked is: Hmmmm, how will it affect ME?.

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