Thursday, June 28, 2012

East Africa and thoughts of England

For many years now I have been living abroad in various cities around the world and had a thoroughly good time. Met and worked with some great people, had some really soul enriching experiences but there are times when I wish I was sitting back in England. Facebook allows me to keep in contact with friends and family but I also get to see what they're upto and sometimes I miss being able to just pop over to see my mates.

I keep on saying I'm going back to England but then the Universe throws up these opportunities for yet another adventure. I'm about to sign on for another year here in South Africa and have promise myself I will explore this wonderful continent starting end of August, Kenya and Ethiopia first I think.

English upbringing, Jamaican background means that Ethiopia always featured in my thoughts due to the Rastafari and their beliefs.
Not that I believe that Haile Selassie aka Ras Tafari was Jesus reincarnate but it's always held my imagination due to Garveys prophecy and the line of Solomon.
Put that together with Ethiopia's history and the Orthodox church, Monasteries on seclude islands in the middle of lakes I think it will be pretty exciting and mystical.

Now, Kenya is another story with the Masai Mara, beautiful Mombassa, watching the migrating herdsand, Kilimanjaro and the history there again. makes me all very excited.

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