Friday, February 10, 2012

Jus passing through - Innit;-)

So, It's nearly that time again - Yep, my Birthday and normally as President of the lonely hearts club (well, normally the people that used to turn up to my birthday alway's had one thing in common, they were single;-).

And, I do my normal birthday run with my little princess in one of the Grand Hoteld of Roma, where she insists on calling Room service repeatedly as she's just amazed that you can make a phone call and twenty minutes later there's a waiter with a bottle of "ACE" juice and Chips with the obligatory ketchup of course.

And I'm just passing through London quickly on my way to see Moni flying from Jo'burg and out to Palermo and to hang with my crew for a few hours;-).

I'm a little worried actually, as i've just got aclimatised to SA with it's lovely weather and then into Northern europe under a cold snap and hoping that Palermo sicily being off the north coast of Africa will be kind of mild. Hmmmm I'll have to wait and see but, Moni! (Always worth it for my little Princess).

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