Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Universe, London and my Family

Sister Moon is full and very beautiful shining her bright light across the night sky to her left - Orion.

The full Moon is wonderful and Orion has always captured my imagination in relation to ancient Egypt and its secrets. These I feel to be good omens, the Universe smiles upon me, Yes yet again.

One cycle ends and a new path beckons and, tomorrow I will receive spiritual replenishment even if only briefly when I stand before the chair of KS.

I finished my contract today in Amsterdam and flew "Home" to London.
I spent the evening with my family Mum, my Sister, Brother, his wife and his 3 beautiful children who are really over excited at the thought of seeing Uncle Wayne;-) all of us back in England at the same time taking bread together.

The assortment of food like our heritage is a mix of Jamaican and English, delicious Brussel sprouts with rice and peas with roast chicken followed by a nice cup of Earl Grey tea but, made all the better as its made by Mum.

It's funny how when I think of my Brother and Sister I still see them in their Teens;-)

Being home in London just got even better due to the love and warmth I felt with my family tonight.
It has really helped lift my soul and spirits almost much as when I'm with Moni;-) For now, it feels great to be back.

I'm looking up at Sister Moon and the Universe.........Thank you;-)

A big, fat, huge, enormous smile on my face;-)

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