Saturday, November 26, 2011

In 14 days - 2 Weeks.

In 14 days, 2 weeks and after many years I'm coming home back to London;-) I've lived all over Europe working on different contracts etc.

Had a really gooood adventure met some really cool nice people and let's not forget the most important thing........Monica my little princess;-)

I learnt Italian, French (No, it's not fluent but I can get by) and can even do some Dutch;-). Which means that I can get a job in London where I can still maybe travel a bit and then come home at weekends etc - Hmmm maybe.

Right now, I need to just concentrate on the next few weeks and take it from there.

For a while I've felt lost, as if someone turned off the light. A power cut if you will. But, now I feel like the lights been switched back on and I'm coming home;-).

I finish here in Amsterdam in early December and then I will take a short holiday somewhere tropical;-) we'll see as I must be back to see Moni in Palermo for Xmas and then of course there's the vastly overrated NYE to be considered.

There's a slight sense of are you sure? Yes, I think so but every weekend when I see the English on tour in the Dam with their Football shirts even in sub zero temperatures I do wander are you crazy! I remember once in Bratislava being told by a young lady "Your not English, No way!" I asked why and she replied "You don't wear football shirt".......Erm, England's finest.

Well, at the very least I feel I must have a base in London and be able to continue the craft, everything else we'll see.

I have faith that the Universe will see me through and that for now this is the right path to take;-)

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