Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is a rant about People Who Text While Walking or riding their Bike!!!!

I can't think of many reasons why you have to text right there & then on your bike - I can only really justify on a life or death decision basis (then you have my permission). And I admit some jobs do require 24-hour information.
I really shouldn't laugh but hearing about the teenager that walked into an open manhole while texting. Living and commuting in Amsterdam I am confronted with these muppets on a daily basis - They drive me insane!.
Is it really so important that your friend or colleague tells you “OMG I’m LMFAO because I figured out what ROFL means.” or “That honey in accounts said hello to me!” I mean F*&^%$#, & get real.
I really am starting to think Twitter is an absolute, mind-numbing waste of time and you know what the really, really saddest thing about it is? our attention span has become so bloody dull that you cannot relate an idea in more than 140 characters.

Other than that you need to realise that the rubbish or just plain B*llox your friends & acquaintances are twittering is so important that you cannot even stop to read it. Most of the people I see doing this are not children or little teenagers so why is it so important that we simply must let the whole world know - Right there Right now.

Its really sad that we have become a society so steeped in gossip that we need to have a steady stream of blow-by-blow s*ite from every person we know at all times in a form that is easily digestible.
I just don't get it - I'm riding on my bike through the Harleemerstaraat in Amsterdam cars coming at me as I ride on the bike path having to overtake some F*&%$#@ Muppet who's texting there & then! What your so cool that the whole world needs to know.

We have to have Crackberries so we can get the latest inspirational e-mail chain letters telling us how great we are, so we can pass them along to ten friends.
Most of us have become so selfish & seem to think that we are the center of creation.
And so everything I am doing and everything my friends are doing must be known. Now!!!

And these moronic backward rasses talk on the phone at high volume on the train or in restaurants & other public places - In London soon you can use your phone on the underground - WTF! so soon you'll be hearing people shouting above the noise on the train or face buried texting - mind numbing instaed of perhaps learning soemthing by reading a book (anyway I digress).

Selfish, selfish, selfish - So what if I am inconveniencing everyone else?or putting lives @ risk - I just have to know the juicy details about who got kicked off Dancing With the Stars! or how good voice of Holland was!!
These Oxygen thieves go tap, tap, tap on their phones all day long, I have been in meetings discussing a heavy financial loss or the late delivery that will cost us a few hundred thousand Euros & our client is threatening to cancel the contract - lean over to the lead Exec & the other Exec's whos face's are buried in the Crackberry or some over smartphone whats your opinion "erm yes, I think thats great news - lets just carry on in the same direction" Oh great 20 mins i've been explaining our position & that W@nker has not heard a word.

They are so important to the world, in their minds. So what if I am endangering other people walking/cycling on the crowded street? So what if I get hit by a car because I am not watching, or fall into an open manhole?

Is it about Vanity, ego and narcissism to take the place of common sense and decency. iPhone users demanded, and got, a see-through phone app for their phones.

In the scheme of things it doesn't matter - Stop reading your F*&^$%@ work e-mails while cycling/walking down the street. Your job is a farce, nothing you do matters unless you are one of the two groups to whom I bestow my blessing above.

And you & your friends crap are not so important that you cannot even ride your bike down the street without a damn Crackberry so you can text or read as you go along.
Breathe, that feels better until the next time;-)

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