Monday, January 17, 2011

Monica in Amsterdam

Last week after all this time I had Monica (my little princess) visit me from Palermo. Usually, I travel to see her so it was really nice to show her my world even if briefly.

Well, the first thing she wanted was for me to hire a bike, oh yes & it had to be Pink! So off we went just by Centraal station MAC bike and it was really easy/cheap so if I have other visitors I now know the routine.

She loved it immediately it was great as Amsterdam has the separate bike paths which makes it safe & fun.

Then we did the Zoo (Artists) - before that I didn't even know it had one - Of course Madam had a set agenda of the animals we had to see - Tigers, Elephants oh yes & the Bear (which she likes most as it's just like Daddy!).

Monica looking very unsure of the Flamingo's!

On the last day we did the Nemo it's a science museum for kids and it was fantastic - we both really enjoyed it....pulling knobs and buttons, doing experiments, etc.

Yeah we had a really cool time!!!

And yeah I had a big, fat, huge, enormous smile on my face;-)

Of course Moni didn't come alone & brought Mummy with her so my most humble thanks to Giules.

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