Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thinking of 2010

I sat under wintery northern skies no sun, the clouds were various colours of grey,
pondering on an unknown world full of different cultures, traditions & beliefs which if I wanted to see it for a while I had to leave behind everything familiar & comforting.

Saw skies so clearly blue gazed, sister moon & amillion brother stars, felt the warmth of the mighty Aten Father sun.
Wonderful enchanting sights and memories that fill me with laughter passed by things old & ancient, of beauty and mystical there was magic and it held something for me.

A faint murmur whispered “The path to personal transformation usually isn’t the simplest one, to truly step along the road of transformation, See everything on that journey that happens to you along the way as a clue & accept all the people that you meet along the journey as a teacher”.

I bow before the majestic splendour that is the Universe, sister moon rises, father sun sets.
Life is full of amillion adventures not yet begun.

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