Sunday, January 31, 2010


My first post. I decided to start this blog as a record of my trip From Europe to Africa overland.

I will visit Rome, Venice, Ljublana, Budapest, Sofia, Athens, Istanbul (Bridge over Bosphorus), Damascus, Amman, Jerusalem & Cairo & take a flight to Ethiopia. - my estimate is to be gone 3months approx maybe longer with a few sidetrips. I have Eurorail pass to get me to Istanbul thats the easy part;-) The levant & Africa well thats where the fun really starts.

This week i'm in London sorting out injections for Meningitis, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Diptheria, Polio, & Yellowfever loads of tablets for Malaria and a Visa for Syria.

It is my plan to provide an update as often as is possible.

I am also investigating using Google Lattitude so friends can follow my progress and I will pay as u go SIM cards in each country.

Location:St johns wood road,United Kingdom

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